Ultimate Veento G3 Tire Review 2022

Check our new Veento G3 tire review. Created specifically to be used by Discount Tire, the Veento G-3 high-performance all-season tire was designed to deliver reliable performance and performance at a low cost. The G3 is designed to work with all types of sports minivans, sport coupes, sedans, and sporty pickups.

Veento makes use of an all-season tread material with the first ground-breaking dual-nature asymmetric tread design that is designed for the G-3. This tread pattern is a new one that allows you to install the tire with both sides towards the outside. The side that is outwards can enhance dry-weather performance. The reverse side facing outwards will improve the performance of snow and wet. In accordance with the climate where you live, you’ll be able to alter the capability of your tires.

Ultimate Veento G3 Tire Review 2022

The tire’s solid center rib and optimized contact patch are built to increase steering response and cornering grip while improving braking/acceleration. This is an advantage for this model and a thing that has been mentioned in other reviews of drivers also.

Three large circular grooves assist in draining water away from the tire while reducing the chance of hydroplaning. Full-depth sipes that surround the tread increase the traction of roads with snow or wet surfaces.

Veento uses an adjustable pitch tread sequence that aids in reducing road noise and gives the tire a more relaxing ride. It can be used on any type of uneven pavement in the majority of cases.

There’s the G-3 offered in a variety of sizes between 13 and 17 inches as well as in speeds of H, T, and V. It comes with the 500 UTQG ratings, and a 40K mile tread guarantee is also provided.

What Are The Veento Tires?

What Are The Veento Tires?

Veento Tire is a brand that is controlled by Vee Rubber America Inc. and exclusively distributed through Discount Tire. It’s actually the 3rd brand of passenger tires owned by Vee and is part of the multi-brand strategy that aims to expand the distribution of their products. Veento tires are manufactured by Vee Rubber Co. in Thailand and are sold mostly through the U.S.

Veento makes tires for all sorts of minivans and sedans as well as crossovers, sport coupes, and even sporty pickups. The tires they make are designed for the budget-conscious driver in mind, while also offering outstanding performance.

Keep watching because we’re about to provide a brief overview of the Veento brand and present the brand’s most well-loved products.


  • Unique mounting design
  • Wet or Dry traction
  • Cornering/steering response
  • Value priced


  • Road noise could cause problems for certain
  • Winter Traction

Veento Tires Overall Assessment

Veento Tires Overall Assessment

The makers of Veento tires have more than 35 years of experience although it’s not as extensive as other prominent tire companies however it’s enough to establish a reliable formula and create a following.

The 35-year experience spans from motorcycle and bicycle high-performance tires to automobile applications. The company’s specialized approach to the development and design of tires is admirable. Moreover, they’re constantly trying to invent and utilize forward-thinking methods.

Veento’s tires achieve a sensible balance between reliability and affordability. It is important to note that the company has just two tire lines that it can boast about, specifically G2 and G3 tires. Both models are capable of covering all types of usage.

Summary: The product offers outstanding performance for an unbeatable cost-effective rate.

Pros: Excellent grip on wet and dry surfaces, with excellent handling and stability.

The cons: Winter traction may be improved, and it’s not the most quiet at speeds higher.

Sizes of tires Sizes of tires: 17″ 16″ 15, 15″ 14″ and 13″.

Price range: Starting at about $57.

Treadlife Warranty: 40,000 miles.



However, despite what the price might suggest, Veento’s tires are of top quality and have been constructed in a manner that provides durability, comfort while riding, and low noise. To accomplish this they use the variable pitch tread sequence. This is a given in the majority of conditions, however, things may be a bit bumpy if you ride over uneven surfaces.

Veento tires have tread patterns that are symmetrical to guarantee excellent traction on wet and dry terrain. However, they aren’t made for use on ice or snow, and therefore, the company doesn’t provide winter tires for these jobs.


Its Veento G2 touring all-season tire is specifically designed for coupes, crossovers, and sedans while the G3 is an all-season tire with high-performance designed for sport minivans, coupes, and sedans as well as sporty pickup trucks.

For tire sizes go, in terms of sizes, the Veento G2 is available in 12-16 inches. The G3 comes in 13-17 inch sizes. However, the tire brand doesn’t provide bigger 19 or 20-inch tires. Additionally, it does not have tires that have enough bite to handle snow and snow.

Tire Sizes


165/70 R13 82T BW
175/70 R13 82T BW


175/65 R14 82T BW
185/65 R14 86H BW
185/70 R14 88T BW


185/65 R15 88H BW
195/60 R15 88H BW
195/50 R15 82H BW
195/55 R15 85H BW
195/65 R15 91H BW
205/60 R15 88H BW
205/65 R15 94H BW


205/55 R16 91V BW
205/60 R16 92H BW
215/60 R16 98H BW
215/65 R16 94H BW
225/60 R16 98H BW


205/40 R17 84V BW
215/55 R17 94V BW

Fuel Efficiency

Fuel Efficiency

As we mentioned earlier, Veento has only two types of tires. And both are all-season tires, which means you can expect a normal mileage. Veento hasn’t yet developed tires that have energy efficiency in mind, however. Perhaps they’ll have some ideas for eco-conscious and budget-conscious motorists.


Veento’s new tires are among the most affordable tires we’ve seen. They are priced at a reasonable price. Veento G2 prices start at approximately $34, while Veento G3 prices start at around $30+. Veento G3 starts at $57. There may be discounts, coupons, or other offers with these tires, which can bring the cost even lower.


Both Veento G2 and G3 are protected by a treadlife assurance of 40,500 miles, like most passenger tires. This is adequate for such a budget-friendly tire. In terms of tire uniformity, both models are guaranteed for the first 2/32 inches of tread wear. In light of this, we can be confident that these tires have high endurance.



Veento’s tires feature an all-season tread compound that has an asymmetric design that allows them to run easily on wet and dry terrain. The G3’s tread pattern lets you mount the tire with one or both of its sides to the outside. The side facing outwards can enhance the dependable performance in dry terrain, while the other side provides adequate traction when wet.

Furthermore, the tire comes with a solid center rib, as well as an optimized contact patch for use to enhance steering grip and cornering. Furthermore, acceleration and braking are positively influenced by the components mentioned above.

The negative effects of hydroplaning can be removed with the help of wide circumferential grooves which help to keep water from the tire. Also, there are full-depth sipes to improve traction.

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Veento G3 Tire Review By Customers

Lucy H. says: “Most people are talking about the cost of these tires however, nobody mentions their looks. Does it have to be me,? Or are these the most beautiful tires on the market? ?”

Jake R. says: “My Honda Civic is enjoying its new set of Veento G2 tires. They’re extremely quiet and comfortable and I didn’t need to shell out a fortune to get these tires. They could do with some bite when driving in snow, but isn’t it possible to have everything at such an affordable price.”

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