The Best Radar Tires Review 2022

Radar Tires Review + The Best Guide 2022

Check our Radar Tires review. Radar Tires was created back in 2006, and has since become Omni United’s most popular name for tires. Omni United is a Singapore-based manufacturer of tires that manufactures low-cost tires for the international market. Omni United manages five other tire brands, in addition to Radar, and includes Timberland Tires, Corsa Tires, Patriot Tires, Roadlux Tires as well as American Tourer Tires.

Radar Tires features one of the largest selections of tires. It has more than 1200 tires that are unique and distinct tread designs. Radar Tires cover everything from cars and SUVs to trailers, light trucks, and even commercial vehicles. This article is going to cover everything you must be aware of the brand starting from their performance and pricing to their most well-known tires, so stay tuned.

Radar Tires (Brand Overview)

Radar Tires (Brand Overview)

Radar Tires Overall Assessment

Radar excels in the area of providing an outstanding cost-to-performance ratio. This has proven to be among the brand’s top-selling points. Radar produces premium tires for each car model.

We’ve yet to come across any Radar tire that’s not up to scratch either quality or performance. We’re also pleased that they don’t sell their tires at the same price as similar-configured brand-new tires.


Radar isn’t quite as well-known as other tire makers since the world market that they operate in, their primary market is crowded with many big-name competitors that have a tendency to overshadow smaller competitors.

If you contrast Radar’s quality of construction and craftsmanship to those of well-known brands, it’s difficult to identify a noticeable distinction except for the fact that the products of Radar are much more affordable tires. We believe that Radar tires are priced right considering their superior quality.

Price to Performance Ratio

Price to Performance Ratio

A tire model that provides an experience that is superior to similar-priced tires will always be the most beneficial purchase. Radar aspires to provide exactly the same thing, great performance for a reasonable price.

It makes and sells budget tires for all types of vehicles. The durability, handling, acceleration, and braking are improved substantially to offer drivers benefits comparable to higher-end tire models from top manufacturers.

Design Features

  • Handling

Radar increases the traction and road handling of its tires through the incorporation of various design elements. They have the use of symmetric tread patterns, augmented by using all-season tread compounds that improve traction on dry roads and wet ones.

In addition, the brand produces its tires with wide and sturdy center ribs which aid in increasing the steering response available by the motorist.

  • Safety

Radar accounts for driver security by incorporating a variety of components into its tread designs. Wide circumferential grooves lessen the danger of hydroplaning and also enhance the tire’s ability to hold traction.

In addition, by using the tough compounds and the strong sides, manufacturers can ensure that the tires will last and won’t be blown out, threatening your safety as a driver.


Radar makes tires designed with the budget-conscious consumer in the back of their minds. The price starts at fifty dollars (Radar Pro Tour All Season Tires). Of course, the prices differ based on the dimensions of the tires. If you purchase from an authorized dealer you could get discounts or other offers. Make sure to purchase from a dealer who provides an appropriate warranty on the tires.


No matter what vehicle you drive on or the surface you are driving on, you’re bound to discover a Radar tire that is suited to your requirements because yet again the company boasts one of the largest catalogs of tire sizes available.

The brand provides summer and touring tires, ultra-high-performance tires, all-season tires for SUVs and light trucks, regular passenger vehicles, all-weather tires that flaunt year-round traction, and winter tires for optimal traction on snow and ice. Additionally, if you’re looking for ways to improve your car with a classic style The brand also has vintage car tires ideal for the task.

Fuel Efficiency

Radar all-terrain tires are average in terms of fuel efficiency. They’ll not impede your mileage however, they won’t aid in saving a significant amount of money, either. If you’re looking to reduce the cost of gas, However, we advise not using the all-terrain tire made by any manufacturer because they’re not the most efficient when it comes to fuel consumption.


In terms of the safety and durability of the product, Radar is hands-down among the top. Tires incorporate a variety of features that reduce the effect of hydroplaning as well as increase traction.

Additionally, the tires are made with tough compounds that guarantee maximum durability. The warranty for mileage on the majority of tires is 60,000. The brand also offers the Road Hazard Replacement Program through which the tires sold by author dealers can be exchanged for damages that aren’t repairable like punctures in 2 years following purchasing 50% tread wear.


Radar’s road-handling capabilities are as secure as they can be. The tires have the same tread pattern and all-season tread compounds that guarantee safety on wet and dry terrain. Additionally, the tires have sturdy center ribs that span a considerable size and aid in ensuring a quick and comfortable steering response.

Why Buy Radar Tires?

Why Buy Radar Tires?
  • Multiple Options

The brand offers a variety of tires that cater to motorists of various vehicle types and for those who require tires designed for specific terrains. The options for tires offered through the label include:

  1. Ultra-high performance tour, summer and summer high-quality tires, low tire noise.
  2. All-season tires for passenger cars as well as light trucks.
  3. All-weather tires that offer consistent traction all year
  4. Winter tires for improved grip on snow
  5. Classic car tires that are designed specifically for classic cars

Whatever terrain you’re driving over, there’s a Radar tire that can meet your needs for driving.

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Radar Tires Warranty

Certain Radar tires have a limited tread wear warranty with specific claims for milage. All Radar tires are covered by a warranty for any defects in workmanship or materials. They can be repaired for free within the first 2/32 inch of tread in the initial 12 months, whichever occurs first.

With less well-known brands such as Radar, we are very pleased that the company offers a Road Hazard Replacement Program on the majority of tires, meaning that the brand can replace tires sold through authorized retailers within two years, or 50 percent tread wear for damage that is not repairable, such as punctures. Within the first 12 months or 2/32-inch wear on the tread, Radar Tires will replace the tire at no cost. Beyond that point, and up to the 50% or two years mark, Radar Tires will cover only half the cost.

Many dealers offer road hazard warranty, however, they will charge you an additional fee to add them as an additional service. We’d love to see a brand return its tires in this manner directly from the factory.

Below is an inventory of Radar Tires that come with mileage guarantees specific to the tire and the duration of the warranties.

Radar Tires Review FAQs

Who are radar Tires made by?

Radar Tires is the flagship brand of Omni United and is a distinct value proposition in the market.

Are radar Tires made in China?

Omni is a company based in Singapore However, its production is distributed throughout Asia. So, who produces Radar Dimax tires? The work isn’t concentrated in a single production facility however, it is spread across Thailand, China, Taiwan, India, and Indonesia.

Are radar Tires safe?

Radar Tires account for the safety of drivers through the incorporation of a number of components into the tread pattern. Large circumferential grooves help reduce the danger of hydroplaning and increase the ability of the tires to hold the traction.

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