The Best Cooper ATW Review 2022

Cooper ATW Review The Best Guide 2022

Let’s check our latest Cooper ATW review. A unique hybrid product that is a first in the market, it is a unique hybrid offering. Cooper Discoverer A/TW tire is constructed with the same features for all-terrain use similar to the Discoverer A/T3 but has an added boost to winter-time performance too. Alongside a host of all-terrain standard features that are standard on the Load Range E tire, it is also equipped with micro-gauge corrugated siping that improves the grip on roads with icy conditions and Cooper’s snow groove 2.0 technology and a mountain/snowflake emblems for severe weather rating.

The Cooper A/TW has a silica tread combination that the company claims will provide more traction in temperatures below freezing. In the context of Snowgroove 2.0 technology, the siping of the tire was developed to ensure traction, not just in low temperatures however, it will also be able to withstand the ice and snow that is heavy. In the case of rain, bigger-than-normal grooves on the lateral side reduce the risk of hydroplaning.

All-terrain tires can be notoriously loud on open roads. So, in an attempt to minimize the sound of the tire for both the driver and other passengers, Cooper has implemented their Computer Optimized Pitch Sequence. It means the tread depth has been designed the way that sound is evenly dispersed. This results in better sound quality and a more peaceful ride.

The Discoverer A/TW comes in sizes that range from LT215/85R16 all the way to LT275/65R the S-speed rating. Cooper offers a standard, limited warranty on this tire.

Cooper Enters The Snow Tire Game

The only thing that’s been noticeably absent in the all-terrain tire category is a dedicated winter tire that has been specifically designed. There is no doubt that the demand for this type of tire is very limited however in some parts of Canada there is a chance of snow and ice on the ground for the majority of the year! The thing that the average customer tends to overlook is the fact that winter tires can be used for more than tracing the path of the snowy streets or crossing an ice-covered section of the highway.

In reality, the contemporary “winter” tire has been designed to give the user several of the traction, rolling resistance, and performance features of an all-season, high-performance tire, however, only when temperatures drop below the 7 degrees Celsius threshold. When temperatures drop below this threshold, all-season and summer-specific tires lose most of their grip due to the rubber compound used to make these kinds of tires begins to harden when temperatures fall within the range of 7 degrees, decreasing their adhesion properties, and causing them to skid and not stick onto the surface of the roadway.

Based on the successful technologies developed by using the proven technology of Discoverer A/T3 tire Cooper has come up with a new winter traction tire for all-terrain use that combines innovative compound technologies and design advancements. It is the Cooper Discoverer A/TW represents a major technological advancement in tire technology and after spending the day studying them under the most extreme real-world conditions, it is safe to declare that I was awed.

Overall Thoughts

Cooper ATW Review Overall Thoughts

All in all, Cooper’s Discoverer is a fantastic choice for anyone who wants reliable all-terrain capabilities, and also great traction in the ice and snow. It really offers an ideal blend of the two. It is made of a tough and durable tread, which is perfect for people living in rural areas that drive road surfaces made of gravel and dirt frequently and also have to navigate treacherous winter conditions.

The most significant drawback with the tire lies in that it produces an extra ringing sound when driving on the open road. This is an issue of nit-picking but if you’re someone that places a high value on comfort on the road, this may not be the right choice for you.

Overall it’s not difficult to understand why other publications such as Consumer Reports have had such favorable reviews about this tire. It is a simple tire that performs its task when tested. Highly recommended.


  • Hybrid designs allow for the use in all terrain as well as severe winter conditions
  • Great traction on dry and wet pavement, conditions
  • The ride comfort is good for an all-terrain tire
  • Consumer Reports has selected this tire as the top choice for a new tire


  • There is a lot of noise on the highway?

Comfort and Road Noise

Comfort and road noise aren’t top priorities for work vehicles. In my opinion, the noise from the Discoverer ATW’s motor was quite unsettling. Also, Cooper made a huge improvement with their brand new AT3 tires.

Cooper Discoverer AT3 4S can be the tire if the level of comfort and the low road noise levels are important to you.

The Discoverer ATW was a very comfortable tire because of its soft rubber. But, this soft compound is reducing the tread life of the tire over a long period of time. In reality, the features were not optimized in a way that was optimal.

Tread Life and Warranty

Tread Life and Warranty

Cooper Discoverer AT3 XLT is a specialized heavy-duty tire.

Life is contingent on the vehicle you drive and your driving habits, and how you drive. So, certain judgments generally aren’t true. However, I’ll share the top and bottom among these tires.

Cooper Discoverer LT and Discoverer ATW share the bottom of the pile. I’m not going on to be blaming Cooper for this. Both of them are in between working trucks as well as regular driving SUVs. It’s tough to please both sides.

Cooper Discoverer AT3 4S and XLT are the leaders in the race. In reality, the Discoverer AT3 XLT offers better tread life than the other models generally. If you’re running a 1/2 ton or SUV truck the Discoverer AT3 4S can perform just as well as XLT.

In Relation to Warranty

Cooper Discoverer ATW 50k Miles Half mileage for the rear, if it is different dimensions than the front

Cooper Discoverer AT3 4S -More than 65,000 Miles Half mile for the rear if it’s different dimensions than the front

Cooper Discoverer AT3 LT ->65,000 Miles Half mileage for the rear, if larger than the front

Cooper Discoverer AT3 XLT -More than 65,000 Miles Half-mile for the rear, if it is different dimensions than the front

Cooper ATW Review Fuel Efficiency

Fuel efficiency usually increases according to the tire’s weight. The amount of fuel consumed increases when the tire weighs more. Cooper Discoverer AT3 LT and XLT are available in LT sizes. . LT tires are generally heavily weighted. So, I divide LT from regular sizes.

Regular Sizes:

  • Cooper Discoverer ATW -> 52 lbs
  • Cooper Discoverer AT3 4S -> 44 lbs

If you are looking to improve your fuel efficiency as a top priority, I suggest you go with Cooper Discoverer AT3 4S.

LT Sizes:

Cooper Discoverer AT3 LT and XLT are available in various sizes. Therefore, making a fair comparison is not possible. However, due to their load ranges, I believe they’re both identical.



Durability is essential when it comes to terrain tires. Most people evaluate durability in terms of tread time. Well, that’s wrong. Durability is about external factors that impact the tires. Of course, tread life is an important aspect of it. However, I prefer to look at sidewalls and carcasses in the section on durability.

Cooper Discoverer AT3 uses the identical structure across all its variations. Two-ply polyester casings, a single-ply nylon reinforcement over two steel belts of high strength. Thus, they share the same carcass shape. Sidewalls are where they’re separated. Because of its stronger sidewalls, and greater load capacity, Cooper Discoverer AT3 XLT is the most durable of the tires. However, Discoverer AT3 LT and 4S are dependable choices for their range of applications.

As I said earlier, Cooper Discoverer ATW shares the same space with Cooper Discoverer AT3 4S. If I were to contrast these two and see no substantial distinction. They share the same design with the same sidewalls and the same load range. You are able to choose either way.

So, How Do The Cooper Discoverer A/TW Tires Perform?

The day began with a visit to the neighborhood San Antonio ice arena, in which Cooper engineers have set up a test to show the journalists how the Discoverer A/TW is able to perform under brakes on sheet ice. Two similar Chevrolet Tahoe sports utility cars were used for the test. One was fitted to cooper tires. Cooper tire and the other was fitted with Firestone Winterforce LT winter tires which are among the top-selling tires available on the market.

The test demanded the vehicle to go at speeds of up to 30 km/h before applying the brakes to trigger the emergency stop. After examining the results, I found that my stops were between 2-4 seconds faster on the AT/W tire, and in a crisis scenario is an enormous length. Three seconds could mean the crucial difference between having an accident that is serious, an accident that is merely a fender bender, or worse even a minor injury, an irreparable disability, and even death.

The tires were in a straight line and the stops were without drama. After examining the results of every driver, it’s certain that every driver had a comparable reduction in the stopping distance. The Discoverer A/TW has significantly outperformed a winter truck tire that was specifically designed without difficulty.

Our next stop was to the expansive Cooper Tire & Vehicle Test Center in Pearsall, Texas, where I had the chance to evaluate the Discoverer A/TW to other of the company’s traditional all-terrain tires as also against the top-selling tire of competitor BF Goodrich, the All-Terrain T/A KO.

The new Cooper Tire facility houses an immense skid pad that can be submerged by a continuous flow of water. We were reassembled on the sparkling surface using our two Chevrolet Tahoe test rigs. The silver model was swapping out the Firestone employed at the ice skating rink for the BF Goodrich tire and the black one had identical tires.

Cooper Discoverer A/TW Tires Perform

Journalists were required to steer these huge rigs along an extremely tight course of handling to determine if an active handling course on wet surfaces would be too difficult for tires for winter roads to manage, particularly given the temperature of over 100 degrees. This BF Goodrich-equipped truck would allow us to test how an all-terrain fitting performs in these conditions.

I was initially asked to go out on the Tahoe equipped with the well-known All-Terrain BF Goodrich T/A KO which is a tire renowned for its ruthless off-road performance. The Tahoe was able to accelerate quickly, however, when I was preparing for the narrow radius corners I noticed it was experiencing a hard in holding the route I had picked.

In actuality I was experiencing confusing signals as I moved around the course, noticing both under- and over-steer according to the direction I was going, and the speed of the large SUV. Although the car never seemed unstable enough to trigger anxiety, I was not at ease with the tire because it wasn’t able to travel where I was turning it. The T/A KO is reliable on trails however when driving at a high speed on a slippery surface, it was not a great source of confidence.

After getting in the driver’s seat of the Discoverer A/TW-equipped Tahoe I set off to check out what Cooper’s experts at Cooper have come up with and, I have to admit, I was a bit more reckless. The Cooper tire is still prone to a little slippage at the rear, especially when thrown into tight turns, but the front end of the car was positioned in the direction of my cone marker I chose as a reference point, with greater results. They also generated less noise, which was confirmed later on during the race on the high-speed oval track.

In the challenging Cooper Off-Road Course, the tire was able to perform as well as the tire brands’ premium hardcore all-terrain models, the Discoverer ST as well as the Discoverer STT, however, the water-soaked hill and the water fording test elements required less effort.

It is important to note that the test was conducted in a time of record temperatures across the San Antonio desert, so the cold weather component of the A/TW was operating under extreme conditions. A typical winter compound might have been destroyed just by the heat in addition to the rock formations that we were asked to climb over using the modified Jeep Cherokee test vehicles.

The Discoverer A/TW has an aggressive all-terrain tread design that has been created to be effective in the sand, mud, and loose soil. It is also a great choice for gravel and on rocks. The wide chevron grooves as well as an aggressive tread pattern assist in clearing dirt and mud and channeling rain away from the point.

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Cooper has developed a special compound for this tire, which is infused with special additives that enable the tire to stand up to chips, cuts, and abrasions. This can ease stress for drivers when the going gets rough as road conditions become difficult.

It is the Cooper Discoverer A/TW is a very special tire that is expected to perform well in the Canadian market. It surpasses the requirements that are required to obtain a severe winter rating to ensure superior snow capability. It can match that of winter tires in dealing with ice. However, in the same way, it provides off-road and on-road all-year-round performance one would expect from a top all-terrain tire.

This all-terrain tire that is rated as a severe weather rated tire will be sold exclusively within Canada through Canadian Tire stores and will be available in 23 SUVs and light truck sizes. All sizes are covered by the tread wear warranty.

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