The Best Continental TrueContact Tour Review 2022

Continental TrueContact Tour Review - The Best Guide 2022

Let’s check our Continental TrueContact Tour review. Continental Tire the Americas is situated within Fort Mill, South Carolina manufactures and sells an extensive range of premium light trucks, passenger, commercial and commercial tires, for both OEM and replacement markets.

Its ultra-high-performance touring all-season tires have award-winning technology that prioritizes safety while also reducing costs.

Ultimate Continental TrueContact Tour Review

Ultimate Continental TrueContact Tour Review

With tires, you have to find the right middle ground between enjoyment and comfort. For instance, the most powerful tires are the most enjoyable to drive, but this ‘fun’ is restricted only to driving because it is an unforgiving ride that has little to no luxury. That’s why some touring tires that are all-season offer a lot of practicality and the best ride quality, for instance, Continental TrueContact Tour.


  • Top-of-the-line stopping distances even in wet conditions
  • Excellent handling of wet Tarmac
  • Excellent resistance to hydroplaning
  • Stiff, but comfortable ride over larger and smaller imperfections
  • Very silent Even on rough roads
  • Excellent tread life, very long and long treadwear warranty
  • Good premium tires


  • Lower dry cornering grip on the corners than the top competitors
  • Longer stopping distances and longer stopping distances on dry roads than the competition


This Continental TrueContact Tour’s tread material includes functional polymers activated with thermal energy and +Silance add-ons. It’s a very sophisticated tread material, and something similar to it is not seen in the category of all-season touring. The distinctive tread compound is the sole reason for improved braking, durability, traction, and fuel efficiency through TrueContact Tour. TrueContact Tour.

Apart from the excellent quality of the rubber, Continental has also designed it with a tread pattern that is well-engineered. It’s symmetrical, featuring cross-shapes and four grooves around the tire to maximize hydroplaning resistance.

On-Road Performance

The touring segment has much more to offer than the Continental TrueContact Tour when it regards handling. The ride is extremely fluid, with grippy corners and superb stability. With its impressive stopping distances, you will make you feel secure regardless of what condition you’re within on the roads.

Comfort And Noise

Comfort And Noise

It comes with an additional shock-absorbing rubber layer that is able to absorb stress when you drive, which allows you to have a relaxing drive at any speed.

In the overall review of our Continental TrueContact Tour review, we can’t deny that every premium tire comes with certain disadvantages. We would however say that Continental TrueContact Tour is worth considering for its ease of use as well as its fuel efficiency and affordable price.

It’s one of the rare tires with no obvious flaw, besides the handling and brakes on frozen surfaces aren’t reliable.

Wet Traction and Grip

Through my years of testing both tires and cars, I have learned about Continental tires are among the top for conditions that are rainy. The German tire maker isn’t willing to give up its advantages in wet grip and traction as well as, in addition to the tread compound that has silane and additives, it also has an exclusive pattern designed to channel water away from the tread for better resistance to hydroplaning.

It’s a safe tire to drive on under wet conditions when it rains lightly or heavily. In the beginning, the hydroplaning resistance is exceptional, even if you encounter a puddle of water at greater speeds. This means that your car will not be unstable on the road in wet conditions, something most tires can’t do.

In addition, The TrueContact Tour feels very stable even in wet weather. The grip is superb and the handling feels smooth and even. In addition, the touring all-season tire won’t make you feel uncomfortable at all – even when it loses its grip and it does so by producing easy-to-correct understeer. In addition, it is worth noting that the TrueContact Tour has by far the most compact braking distances on dry and wet surfaces in the category of touring all-season which is essential to ensure a safe and secure ride.

It’s clear that Continental concentrated more on wet-slip traction in The TrueContact Tour. This is good since the grip and performance on dry roads is enough for a typical day-to-day drive, and there’s no need to pursue the top-of-the-line awards. On the final day, you must choose high-performance tires to get greater performance in cornering on the road.

However, most traffic accidents happen during stormy weather, which makes TrueContact Tour TrueContact Tour one of the most secure touring tires for all seasons available at the present.

Snow and Ice Traction

Snow and Ice Traction

Continental utilized temperature-activated functional polymers to increase grip and traction in freezing conditions, along with siped intermediate blocks and lateral notches to create more biting edges, which helps increase reliable snow traction.

The result is satisfactory for a tire that can be used all year round, however, it’s not spectacular. The winter tire is characterized by decent longitudinal traction and slick handling but just if you are driving carefully and with moderate snow. Distances for braking are adequate at best, however, deep snow is not ideal in the context of TrueContact Tour – there is not enough traction. Additionally, the tire performs well in slush conditions however it isn’t able to work on the ice.

Off-Road Capabilities

The larger dimensions can be used to fit crossovers however it’s the TrueContact Tour isn’t meant for offroading. It’s going to be ruined when you drive it on rough surfaces or chipped surfaces since it’s a road tire not built to take that kind of abuse. In addition that you’ll not get adequate traction on muddy tracks as well.

Ride Quality

As with all touring tires, TrueContact Tour is a good example. TrueContact Tour performs well in regard to ride quality. It’s one of the finest and quiet tires in the marketplace. It’s not a problem to feel road imperfections through the cabin and it’s quiet when driving — there’s no reason to complain here.


The Continental TrueContact Tour is backed by a remarkable tread warranty, which covers as long as 90,000 miles. The warranty covers uniformity for the first 2/3 inch of wear on the tread or for the one year after the first year of use.

The workmanship and the materials and materials are covered by a warranty of 6 years. This includes no replacements or repairs during the time of uniformity. Additionally, you can enjoy the road hazard guarantee at the beginning or 2/32 inches of tread wear. Additionally, you will be covered by the benefit of a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

Although the excellent quality and durability are the hallmarks of Continental TrueContact Tour, their owners, like other drivers are advised to acquire new techniques, such as fixing a tire or replacing a valve on a tire stem.

What are the Specifications and Maintenance Indicators?

Specifications and Maintenance Indicators

Continental sells their TrueContact Tour as a long-lasting all-season touring tire that is suitable for passengers’ cars and crossovers. Continental offers its bread-and-butter version in a variety of sizes, from 15 inches to 19-inch diameter wheels. It can be used to fit a broad range of vehicles that are on the roads today, which includes small cars, sedans, minivans, and crossovers.

As with any other new Continental tire that has been released, TrueContact Tour is no exception. TrueContact Tour has incorporated the QuickView “DWS” indicators. They are a superior option to the standard TWIs (tread wear indicators) because they offer the most precise method of assessing the tread depth.

The indicators for the DWS QuickView are truly a brilliant solution. Three letters are used, “D” is for dry, “W” is for wet”S” is for snow and light snow, and “S” stands for snow. Every letter is different in size of its own, including “D” is the one with the highest depth. “W” is located in the middle, whereas “S” is the smallest.

So that when the tread begins to wear out and you’ll notice that “S” is the initial to fade. When it’s completely gone this means that you’re not getting stable snow traction.

In the meantime, if you notice that the letter “W” is completely faded it will not be able to deliver secure rain traction. And when it appears that “D” disappears then you must immediately replace your tires.

Luckily The TrueContact Tour comes with an excellent treadwear warranty of 80,000 miles for TH-speed and -speed size ratings and the 70,000 miles of V-speed-rated.

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TrueContact Tour TrueContact Tour is a successor to the top-of-the-line Continental TrueContact. It was designed with a lot and practical considerations in mind. It includes efficient fuel efficiency, long-lasting tread life, secure brakes and handling, and an overall pleasant ride. It’s among the top alternatives you can choose for a pleasant riding experience and the best road-based performance.


Is Continental TrueContact a good tire?

Continental can be considered among the top the line of the best in the world in terms of the tires. The TrueContact tire has been designed with care and has a high amount of traction and performance and grip in all kinds of weather conditions. This means they are able to be used all the year without anxiety.

Are Continental true contact tires quiet?

The Continental TrueContact tires were extremely quiet at low and high speeds. It also happens to be one of the best tires I’ve tested, which rolled quietly over any road, including rough concrete or smooth asphalt.

How long do continental true contact tires last?

Continental evaluates the TrueContact to give the equivalent of 90,000 miles of wear (as the vehicle is maintained in a straight alignment and the tires rotated frequently and naturally). The tire is classified in the category of an all-season tire which offers “best of class” wet braking, fuel economy, and longevity.

Is Continental a good brand?

Continental offers an outstanding all-season tire maker for those who are interested in the performance, touring, or all-season standard models. Although Continental tires aren’t expensive, they are typically less expensive than Michelin and Goodyear models. Continental is a well-established tire producer.

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