4 The Best Sentury UHP Review 2022

Sentury UHP Review + The Best 4 Options 2022

Let’s check our Sentury UHP review. The new model for 2015 is the new Sentury UHP, a low-cost ultra-high-performance summer touring tire only available by Discount Tire. It is designed for all kinds of sports sedans and coupes. The UHP has a range of features that improve the performance, reliability, and lifespan of the tire.

A high-end all-season tread compound has been made not just for better performance but also for better fuel efficiency. Sentury developed it with lower rolling resistance to ensure improved efficiency of the fuel. The tread pattern has an uninterrupted center rib as well as bigger outer shoulder blocks that help with control stability as well as cornering grip and steering performance which are all great benefits for this tire.

Four deep circular grooves and the lateral grooves of the tire effectively help to drain water on wet surfaces and lower the possibility of hydroplaning. It is important to note that the UHP is not designed for winter driving So keep that in mind if you reside in a warmer climate with snow or ice.

Sentury offers greater comfort on the road and reduced road noise with an optimized tread pitch and the use of a tread block that is variable for this model. This is another benefit for this tire since it can provide the quietest ride.

There’s a range of sizes between 15 and 20 inches available in the UHP and all sizes have the W-speed or V-speed rating. Also, there is the 40K mile tread guarantee also included.

Sentury UHP

About Sentury Tires

The market was launched in 2009 and China is among the fastest-growing markets for automobiles worldwide with millions of new vehicles registered each year. As one would anticipate there is a huge demand for tires. very large. This is why a number of tire makers have started to China to cater to the increasing demand. And Sentury is one of these producers.

It was founded a few several years back, Sentury is now one of the biggest China-based tire makers. There are production facilities in China and Thailand. The company also plans to expand into the U.S in the near future. Sentury was recently named the 50th largest tire maker in the world.

in the U.S, Sentury has operations in Florida and California and from there sells its tire range across the nation. Sentury is among the very few tire companies that have earned “Smart Factory 4.0” status. This status is normally granted to tire factories that meet the highest standards in terms of productivity and sustainability, as well as time to market and efficiency.

Sentury has also been awarded ISO certification at all levels, from materials production to development and research, the production procedure to distribution. If you choose to purchase tires from Sentury, you’ll be able to be at ease knowing that you’re dealing with a business that is focused on delivering the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Sentury is focused on making an extensive range of affordable tires, in order to satisfy its expanding customer base. It makes tires for nearly all kinds of vehicles such as minivans, SUVs, cross-overs, sedans, and light trucks to mention just a few. It also owns other sub-brands which include Pantera, GroundSpeed, Landsail, and Delinte.

Overall Thoughts

Overall Thoughts Sentury

The UHP fulfills a huge need in the touring tire class. The low cost of the tire makes it an excellent alternative for those with an extremely tight budget who can’t purchase better-performing tires from Continental, Michelin, and others.

You can expect to get excellent dry traction in handling, braking, and braking with this particular tire. The more rigid sidewalls aid in grip when cornering, while the center rib provides more stability and speeds up the speed of steering. However, it is true that the improved control and cornering capabilities come at the cost of comfort on the road however, this isn’t intended to be a high-end road tour tire. Noise from the road is apparent however, we’ve also read several user reviews that state the other side and describe how the quiet ride is for a tire that is priced at a reasonable price. It could be or it might be a problem for you.

We would definitely like to see a step up when wet traction. It’s a good choice however, more adventurous drivers might find it difficult to offer the kind of grip that you get from other top-performing tires. If you’re in heavy rain, you must go a bit slower than you’d prefer. Treadlife is not known in the present, however, we’ll be updating our review as we learn more.

Overall all, it’s a good choice overall. UHP Sentury is an excellent option for a budget-friendly entry-level tire. The cost is one of the lowest prices you’ll get in this price range and definitely among the lowest prices for the performance it delivers. Although it isn’t up to par with the larger name models available The UHP is able to do its job very well.

Sentury Tires Review of 2022

1. Sentury Crossover

Sentury Crossover

Sentury is quite straightforward in its name – the Crossover tire was designed to be used for cross-country crossings! It is in many aspects, the tire is akin to the touring tire, besides being that it is available in bigger sizes.

The “Crossover” is a tire with an all-season tread and design. But, it is not the best tire for extreme winter conditions as even the lightest snow can be a major issue.

On dry surfaces, like its kin, It performs admirably. It’s not a top-of-the-line product certain, but given its price, it does the job well.

Wet handling can be good however, only if you take a look at with the Sentury Crossover to other low-cost tires. Your car will certainly be safer when you have tires from reliable producers.

Fortunately, it is a good choice. The crossover is able to handle bumps well and isn’t very loud. You will also enjoy better performance with the best tires However, for the price the Sentury is quite good.

I’m not able to say the same about longevity, however. The treadwear warranty of 40,000 miles might seem appealing if you look at the price, but the best tire manufacturers offer nearly double the number of miles.


  • Good grip and traction on dry surfaces
  • Smooth ride over uneven surfaces
  • Not very loud, tires perform well
  • Better wet traction than budget tires


  • Wet traction remains an enormous step ahead of the best tires
  • Ice and snow traction
  • It won’t last long

2. Sentury UHP

Sentury UHP

The conveniently-named UHP is Sentury’s ultra-high-performance tire for drivers of performance compact cars, performance sedans, and sporty cars in general. It is available in sizes that range from 15-inches to 20-inches in wheel diameter which is an impressive variety.

Regarding the driving experience, I was very impressed with my experience with UHP. Due to the rigid sidewalls, the tire is very sensitive and pointed, aiding in all aspects of the experience.

Its grip is adequate considering the cost. Yes, Michelin Pilot Sport or Bridgestone Potenza tires would be more comfortable, but at the cost, it’s the same as Sentury UHP is a great choice. In addition, the tire has excellent stopping power and acceleration traction.

The performance, however, in wet conditions isn’t quite the same. Traction gets less efficient and the braking distances get longer. For snow conditions, Sentury isn’t able to provide details about the tread material. But, I’m guessing it’s the summer season because there’s no traction when it comes to snow and ice.

The ride is rough, but the tire could become noisy when driving at highway speeds. This Sentury is certainly not intended for people who need an enjoyable ride.

Positively, the treadwear warranty is a great value for the cost and the best alternative for your stock tires. But, don’t anticipate this tire last for very long.


  • Great responsiveness and steering experience
  • Excellent grip and traction on dry surfaces
  • A great treadwear warranty at a reasonable cost
  • It is very affordable to purchase


  • It doesn’t work in wet conditions
  • None of the snow or ice-traction any way
  • Choppy ride quality

3. Sentury UHPT

Sentury UHPT

Its Sentury UHPT is identical to the UHP however it’s specifically designed for SUVs and trucks. However, the tire manufacturer does not sell the size in LT-metric which means you need to avoid towing and transporting heavy items.

In terms of driving performance, the UHPT performs in a similar way to its comrade. It is extremely flexible and provides the driver with a great feel on the road. In addition grip and dry traction are exceptional considering the price.

Wet traction may not be so good it isn’t as bad, particularly when compared to premium tires. It’s not surprising from a tire priced the amount it does.

The snow traction is extremely poor because the Sentury UHPT is made with the spring tread. Regarding ride the tire is better than the UHP however, it’s not great. Also, expect to hear more noise at higher speeds.

Fortunately, the 40,000-mile treadwear warranty is pretty good for a summer ultra-high-performance tire, although the treadlife probably wouldn’t be as long.


  • Ultra high-performance tires


  • Snow traction is extremely poor

4. Sentury Touring

Sentury Touring

“Touring “Touring” is the bread-and-butter model for small cars, mid-sized minivans, and sedans. It’s an all-season touring tire (obviously) that costs lower than its top competitors. It’s one of the most affordable touring tires in its class, and it’s like other tire brands in the low-cost category.

According to Sentury, the Touring has a specially designed advanced tread compound that is computer-optimized to create a tread pattern that both aids in of which extends the life of the tread. Furthermore, the rubber retains flexibility across a greater temperature range, which aids in improving winter performance. The brand also promises a fast response to steering, high hydroplaning resistance, and assured performance during winter.

However, I noticed this to be true. Sentury Touring falters in some areas. It is a great performer on dry roads, with great handling as well as cornering grip. The distances to break aren’t excessively long.

The situation changes when it begins raining, however. There won’t be similar levels of luxury that you get with premium tires, particularly at the corners. Additionally, stopping distances will be longer. But Sentury Touring Sentury Touring fares slightly better than its direct competitors this is a great thing surely?

Winter traction is far more difficult, however. Snow traction is nearly zero, and ice snow traction is absurd. I recommend investing in the right winter tire if your home is in areas with extreme winter conditions.

In addition, it is noted that the Sentury Touring irons-out potholes very efficiently and doesn’t make lots of noise. But, the treadwear warranty of 40,000 miles is one-third of what the best rivals offer.


  • Excellent response from the steering
  • Good grip and traction on dry surfaces
  • The cushion is soft and comfortable even over bumps
  • It doesn’t create much noise
  • Very affordable to buy, cheap tires


  • Performance during rainy conditions is less than the norm
  • The traction of snow and ice is pretty terrible
  • They won’t last as long as premium tires

Sentury UHP Review Verdict

Sentury Crossover Sentury Crossover is a no-frills tire that performs just as you would expect. It offers steady traction and grip over diverse terrains and conditions. Its handling is superb and cornering stability is excellent while the driving is smooth and comfortable.

Additionally, it’s cost-effective and comes with solid warranties. Overall, it’s a good option for crossover and SUV motorists searching for a trustworthy and reliable all-season tire. If you purchase this tire, the Sentury Crossover, you are guaranteed to get the best value for your price if you will bay them at the Discount Tires.

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Does sentury make good tires?

The entire range of Sentury’s products has extremely good grip, traction, and braking performance in dry conditions. Overall they perform better than comparably-priced rivals. While I wouldn’t consider Sentury tires great in rain, they’re better than the other lower-cost competitors.

Are sentury tires quiet?

The pattern of the tread is tuned to reduce the sound of traffic and ensure a quiet enjoyable ride. The long-lasting tread life is provided with the all-season tire material that is resistant to uneven tread wear.

Who is Sentury tires made by?

Who is the manufacturer of Sentury tires? Since 2009, our parent company, Qingdao Sentury Tire Co., Ltd. is a world-class producer of commercial, consumer, and aircraft tires, including those designed for the landing gear that is the primary component of the Boeing 737-700 and 900 aircraft.

How long do sentury tires last?

The Sentury Touring is expected to have a tread time of 50.000 miles and is better than the manufacturers’ warranty of 40,000 miles.

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