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Thanks for visiting SmarTech Products. We are happy that you decided to stop by. We’d love to tell you a bit about our company and how we came to be.

We set out to build a better way to take selfies, group selfies and fun pictures with your smartphone. Basically, we wanted to make a super cool product that made your photos look as cool and fashionable as your phone – without cropped out friends, missing backgroundsor having to ask a stranger to hold our phone!

It all goes back to the time when one of our faces was cut out of a great groupie pic and when (somehow) the Eiffel Tower was missing in the background of a selfie one of us took in France. Basically, both of us kept “missing” moments all because our arms weren’t long enough to capture the whole photo on our phone. (Who can forget Ellen DeGeneres’ famous tweet after she tweeted the most famous groupie pic: “If only Brad’s arms were longer”). So right there, we knew the problem was universal. And frankly, handing over our precious phone, our lifeline to our social life, to a complete stranger to take a photo was well… out of the question.

Sure, there are these things called monopods on the market, but they’re cumbersome, they require additional software to take the picture and, quite honestly, they're bulky and not at all portable. As these selfie sticks started to arrive on the scene, we all saw that they were ugly, cheap and we wouldn’t trust them with our expensive phone. Besides, who wants to carry around an aluminum stick that looks like a nine iron that won’t fit in a backpack or a purse? So we went on the hunt for something better – which we didn’t find. So, we created our own...

Enter the Smart iReach™. Finally, a product as cool and as portable as your smartphone!

With the Smart iReach™, no photo is out of reach.  Every group selfie or vacation shot can be taken in its entirety, the way you intended it to be.  Get a truly centered photo of you and the group—without your arm sticking into the pic.  Or get all your friends in the picture—without anyone’s face cut off.  Or get the entire background.  You choose: it’s all within your iReach.

At last, no stranger to handle your phone (often resulting in blurry pics!)  No distorted group pics.  And best of all, the Smart iReach™ looks cool and comes in something other than “aluminum”. At last, a device that is not an embarrassment to your phone and is easy to tote.

During our launch, we were even more motivated to "change the conversation" around this device; especially as the term 'selfie stick' became more well known.  We wanted to focus on OUR device to be about bringing people together, since we felt the term selfie stick is truly a misnomer as far as we were concerned.  In fact, what we noticed is that whenever we pulled out our Smart iReach in a crowd, people literally fought to be in the photo--talk about a powerful statement in drawing a crowd!  What's so 'selfie' about that?

With that in mind, we really saw the Smart iReach as a device that captures everything from the vacation travel pics to the everyday adventure.  It's about people.  It's about making sure that you and the group or family members or friends you want to be with are all in the picture. Some of those people may fade away as life marches on, but now you can preserve those moments with others who you enjoy spending time with.  

So don't call it a selfie stick.  It's a Smart iReach because... 

With the Smart iReach™, no group photo is out of reach.

So, that's our story.  Here's to a more portable, fashionable, wireless solution that will help us all reach to capture the fun with those we cherish ...with a much better photo (or video) to show for it!  



Rick & Jason