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What smartphones (or other devices) does the Smart iReach™ work or pair with? 

A lot of them – well, at least the ones that really matter! Actually, you can use the Smart iReach™ with any of the following phones

iOS: The Smart iReach™ works with all iOS devices that operate on iOS 6.0+ that have a camera…

Can my Smart iReach™ work with my Otterbox phone case attached?

Yes. We understand how important that cover is in protecting your phone. (Of course, you can put a naked phone in it toowe won’t tell!) Because we know you want the freedom of choice, the Smart iReach will work with any phone mentioned above - with or without a case cover.

Does the Smart iReach™ work with my smartphone with little or no cell phone reception?

Yup! It works then, too. The connection is dependent only upon your Bluetooth® connection to your smartphone device, not your cell phone reception. So go ahead and snap away!

How often does the battery need to be recharged?

Rarely. We hate when our batteries die too, so we made sure the Smart iReach™ is always ready for you. Because of our specialized long life battery system, you are only required to charge it upon arrival for up to two hours. Depending on use, we figure you won’t need to recharge it for about 2-3 months!

How long does the battery last once charged?

The battery will last for roughly over 50,000 photos. Want to take the challenge?

Does the Smart iReach™ device have an auto shut off feature?

Yes, the device will automatically shut off after 3 minutes to further conserve your battery life. Plus, no one wants their phone to take photos of the inside of their bag, purse or backpack. (Nothing fun in there to send to Instagram, right?)

How long does the power button stay on?

The power button will stay on for 3 minutes, then it will shut off to conserve the battery life. Please note that when you are shooting videos, unless you disable the Bluetooth connection to your Smart iReach™, your video will stop recording at the end of three minutes.

Can I take multiple photos with multiple clicks?

You can do so with the smartphone models we identified! We know the drill. Our custom design was made specifically for that express purpose. Just hold and click away!

Does Smart iReach™ work with video?

Yes, and it works a bit differently with iOS than Android. Here’s the deal:

In Android Mode:

With Samsung Galaxy model phones, your smartphone will start IMMEDIATELY when you activate video mode manually on your phone, and you will see the little counter ticking away as you record your video. When you’re ready to stop recording the video, simply press the little chrome camera button TWICE (quickly) and the video will stop and save what you recorded.

In iOS Mode:

For all iOS devices such the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus (along with all iPads!), the FIRST time your press the chrome camera button, your video will begin recording. The second “click” of the button will stop the video recording. It’s that easy!

Does the Smart iReach™ work outdoors without a Wi-Fi connection?

Of course, photos are taken everywhere, especially outside. Smart iReach™ connects wirelessly through your Bluetooth® connection, so if you can use your phone, you can use your Smart iReach™. No Wi-Fi required!

Does Smart iReach™ work with the lightning connector on the new IOS devices?

Here’s the great news: This device does not require your smartphone to be connected to a power source to work nor does it pull any power FROM your phone, like some devices. (Boo! Hiss!) Just make sure your phone has enough charge left to take photos (or video) and that your Smart iReach™ is charged once you get it out of the box!

Does my phone ring while connected to the Smart iReach™?

C’mon, would we want you to miss a call? (After all, it could be about that party later!) Yes, if your ringer is on, you can still hear your phone ring to answer an incoming call. BTW, that’s another reason we opted NOT to have your phone connected to our device: not only is it crazy to have wires dangling around in a wireless world, but if it was connected, you’d MISS that call! Of course, the brainiacs at SmarTech Products thought ahead and made sure that was not the casewe got you covered.

How far does the Smart iReach™ extend?

Let’s just say longer than your arm! Its reach is about 28 ½ inches or 72 ½ cm from the bottom of the handle to the tip of the device. That’s long enough to get a lot more (10, 20, 40 or more) people cleanly in the photo. See how many more faces you can now have in your next photo with the Smart iReach™.

What is the total length of Smart iReach™ when is it closed?

Good question. We know you need to be able to throw this in your purse, backpack, whatever, so we were able to make the product so that it folds down to just 8.5 inches or 220mm. Not much longer than a water bottle.

Why do I need a Smart iReach™?

Ever take a selfie or groupie and have half the people cut out because your arm wasn’t long enough? Or tired of always having someone missing from the family photo (usually Mom or Dad) because they are the ones to take it? We want to make sure that doesn’t happen again. 

The Smart iReach™ is your fashionable, portable solution for better smartphone photos.  Thanks to this awesome little device, designed here in America by SmarTech Products LLC, you can get more into the photo than ever before and never cut out a friend, a scenic background, (that cute guy or girl in the bar)or have Dad miss the family picture again!

Is the Smart iReach™ waterproof?

Uhmmno. (But who knowsif enough customers ask for it, maybe we’ll consider it in another version!) Currently, the Smart iReach™ will not work properly if submerged under water or if the technical components get wet. (But then again, your phone might not either!)

Can I get a copy of my Smart iReach™ Instruction Manual for Awesome People?

Yes!  Click here to download it:

Smart iReach Manual