How Much Does It Cost to Mount and Balance Tires

Cost to Mount and Balance Tires - The Best Guide 2022

How much cost to mount and balance tires? In the near future sooner or later, you will need to get new tires installed or mounted to combat wear and wear and tear. The new tires may also require balancing in order to ensure better driving performance, ease of use, and less tire wear; in actuality, the balancing process is a part of the regular maintenance of your car. Knowing the cost to balance and mount tires will allow you to set aside money to ensure that your car is kept in top condition.

What is it cost to balance and mount tires? The cost of the mounting and balance of your tires will be contingent on several variables, such as the size of your tire, your location, as well as the company that is doing the work. In the case of off-road tires for vehicles will cost around the mid-range price due to the large tires.

In order to help you determine the appropriate budget, let’s take a look at the typical cost of the mounting and balancing tires service. We’ll also look at businesses that provide the most affordable services available for all kinds of vehicles. We’ll also provide solutions to many frequently-asked questions regarding balance and mounting of tires.

What Does It Mean to Mount Your Tires?

What Does It Mean to Mount Your Tires?

Before we discuss the costs involved in mounting and balancing your tires it’s important to understand what it takes to balance and mount your tires. It will give you more comprehension of the price you’ll pay each time you get your tires mounted and balanced.

Because the process of mounting your tires and balancing them are two totally distinct things, we’ll attempt to dissect the two in this article. Let’s begin by discussing the process of mounting your tires. It’s fairly easy to understand how the process of mounting tires functions, particularly when you consider the difficulties involved in the process of balancing tires.

When a technician installs the tires on your behalf, this basically is that they pick them up and then put them on your vehicle for you. They accomplish this by taking your tires and mounting them onto the wheels before putting the wheels on your vehicle’s axles. It’s an extremely simple and quick procedure that can be completed in only several minutes.

There are some ways technicians can install the tires of your vehicle and you need to be knowledgeable about each of them. You could mount the tires using:

  • Utilizing a specific machine that is specifically designed to mount your tires
  • Utilizing a tire changer that is not automatic to install your tires
  • Hand-mounting your tires

The cost of mounting and balancing your tires could depend on which of the three techniques technicians employ. It could cost you some extra to install your tires by hand, as it could take longer and require greater precision from the technician.

Why Does Changing Own Tires Matter?

Why Does Changing Own Tires Matter?

The importance of changing your tires at the right time is as the tires help ensure you are in the roadway. They are made of rubber, and the rubber will eventually disintegrate and deteriorate. You will be able to identify worn tires.

There’s almost none left of the thread. There are cracks that begin to appear, and the tire is beginning to appear to be very untrustworthy. These tires aren’t in good condition and require replacement.

If you don’t replace them in time, issues could arise. Your brake distance will drastically increase, which will cause the ABS system to activate constantly. Because your tires aren’t gripping well and are beginning to slide when you press the brake.

This could lead to accidents. I’m stating this to you since I was one of those who don’t change their tires frequently. and I’ve experienced these issues firsthand.

What Does It Mean to Balance Your Tires?

If you’ve learned the meaning behind mounting tires, let’s get to the next step and discuss the process of balancing them. As we mentioned earlier the process of balancing your tires is generally more complex and difficult than mounting them. That is why it is responsible for the majority of the costs to balance and mount tires.

We’ll explain precisely how the process of balancing your tires unfolds in just about a minute. For the moment, what you have to be aware of is that balancing your automobile’s tires is about checking your center of gravity remains equal to the axis of the rotator for every tire. To put it another way, the goal of balancing your tires is making sure that the weight of your tire is evenly distributed throughout the entire tire so that there’s no pressure placed on certain areas of the tire compared to other parts.

Technicians will balance the tires of your vehicle at the time they are first put on by using weights on the tires. These weights are placed in place to ensure that your tires weigh the same across the entire length. It’s vital to have your tires balanced if they’re not properly balanced, they’ll cause them to wear out much faster than otherwise. It makes the cost of balance and mount tires worth it in the end.

What Is the Average Cost to Mount and Balance Tires?

What Is the Average Cost to Mount and Balance Tires?

It is the most significant aspect of any tire change and that is the cost. For the USA the most affordable places you can get the job completed include Company, BJ’s, Costco, Sam’s Club, Sears, and Walmart.

If you have a standard automobile, it will cost anywhere between 50 and 200 dollars per tire, if you buy it brand new. If you have an SUV, the cost could range between 100 and a few hundred dollars. The tires on SUVs are heftier and this is why they’re more expensive to purchase.

Mounting can cost you anything from 13$-45$ for each tire. Balancing, on the other hand, is priced at 36 dollars for all four tires. Imagine an average cost of $20 for the mounting and balance tires (each tire).

Prices can appear to be costly, but there are numerous shops that offer discounts on the services when you purchase tires that rubber they sell.

If you own a luxury vehicle automobile, you’ll likely have to spend more money on this task. Because not every shop can handle expensive vehicles, so you’ll probably need to choose the most expensive choice out there. However, there are some disadvantages to owning exotic vehicles.

SUVs are the same with the tire changes as well as mounting and balancing the tires could cost you an extra grand or two, dependent on the model and the type of tires you are buying.

When you are considering buying a car you must do these calculations first. To ensure you are on the safe side with regular maintenance and also to have any knowledge of the costs for operating these vehicles. Therefore, if you’re short on cash then it’s a good option to purchase a regular Camry.

Reliable Tire Mounting and Balancing Services

If you are looking for reputable businesses that can mount and balance tires of your off-road vehicle at an affordable cost the best options include Walmart, Discount Tire, BJs, NTB, and Costco.


One of the most renowned retail companies in the US, Walmart Inc. provides a variety of tire services for automobiles, ATVs, and UTVs.

  • Tires Bought at Walmart

To mount and balance tires the current pricing is priced between $48 and $65 for 4 tires. This is between $12 and $15 per tire If you purchased the tires at Walmart. The cost includes annual rotation and balancing every 7,500 miles as well as fresh valve stems and TPMS services, and a 50-mile lug re-torque. Because tire disposal isn’t included you’ll have to pay $1.50 per tire, or $6.

The other option includes the road-hazard guarantee which is $10 per tire or $45 for four tires, winter tires purchased at Walmart. The warranty is designed to cover flat tire repair and any unexpected road hazard and replace non-repairable tires with at least 25% wear.

With every cost, service disposal, warranty, and fee for every service, disposal, and warranty cost to the mount and balance tires in Walmart? It’s between $100 and $90.

  • Service-Only

However, it is necessary to pay an additional $10 for each tire, or 40 dollars for four tires if you bought the tires from another company. So, you can expect to pay between $88 and $100 to buy four tires. Of course, you’ll have to pay a disposal cost if you’re leaving the tires that you’ve had.

What total amount would you have to pay in the event that you don’t buy the tires from Walmart? This would range from $94 to $106, with or without warranty, which is of course.

Discount Tire

Are you not a fan of having your tires set up and balanced at Walmart? Perhaps because of the lengthy line or because they’re not a specific tire company? Discount Tire is your ideal choice, no matter if you drive a compact vehicle or Jeep, ATV, or UTV.

As a U.S.-based tire and wheel retailer, the price provided by Discount Tire on the tire and wheel package that you purchased from them already comes with services. If you purchased only the tires or had tires from other suppliers, you’ll be charged between $21 and $33 for each tire, or $84-$132 when you buy four tires. The tire installation cost includes mounting the tires, balancing for life and rotating new valve stems, airchecks, flat repairs, and inspections.

Like Walmart however, the disposal cost isn’t part of the price. Discount Tire will charge around $2.75 per tire or $11 for four tires.

What is the road hazard protection offered by Discount Tire? Different from other tire servicing firms, Discount Tire refers to this as the Certificate for Repair, Refund, or Replacement. Its price is about 15 percent or 16 percent of the cost of the tire label. The “warranty” will last for three months after when you purchase it.


While you’ll discover BJs Tire Center to be the best choice, BJs Tire Center offers the most value for your budget However, they’re not at the highest of the list due to the fact that the only tires they install are from BJs Tire Center. They do however have many tire brands to choose from like Goodyear, Michelin, and Bridgestone.

The members of this warehouse club have to shell out around $20 for mounting or installing one tire. The package includes all-year rotation and balancing as well as check for inflation repair of flats, new valves including tire disposal and a three-year road safety warranty.

But, you’ll be required to pay about $5 per tire to purchase this TPMS set-up. So, all in all, you’ll be required to shell out about 60 dollars for 4 tires.


Another option to look into is NTB since they have branches in many states. NTB as well as National Tire & Battery, does not offer better deals than Walmart as well as Discount Tire.

The cost of the company is about $17 for each tire, or the equivalent of $68 when you buy four tires with life-long balancing and rotation. To purchase the TPMS kit you’ll need to shell out $8 per wheel, and you’d require a minimum of $3 per tire to cover the disposal cost. Additionally, the cost of the hazard guarantee is 16 percent of the price of the tire. In total, you must make sure you have at least $122 to purchase four tires.

The great feature of NTB is that they have a variety of coupons and promotions that you can avail of by checking out their discounts and savings page. They also provide a variety of auto maintenance services, meaning you can get almost everything you need to do in order to reduce your time.


For members only, Costco offers tire mounting for a price that is $18.99 per tire, which is nearly the price of $76 when you buy four tires that includes nitrogen inflation of tires lifelong balance, rotation, air pressure checks, and flat repair, in addition to new valve, stems, as well as tire disposal. Additionally, you’ll get 5 years road hazards warranty. If you want to purchase TPMS, you’ll be required to pay an additional 3 cents per tire.

One issue with Costco is the fact they do not install UTV tires that are street-use as well as ATV tires. They do, however, sell Greenball tires (View on Amazon) for these types of vehicles and will deliver them directly to your residence. You’ll also find only three brands of tires for cars: BFGoodrich, Michelin, and Bridgestone (View on Amazon).

However, Costco members can receive discounts on service facilities through Costco Auto Program.

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When Should You Have Your Tires Balanced?

When Should You Have Your Tires Balanced?
Does Walmart Balance Tires

The uneven distribution of weight and treadwear are the most common reasons for unbalanced tires. A tire that is not balanced can lead to problems with driving, such as steering wheel vibrations or even more wear on your suspension and tires. systems.

If your tires cause vibrations, you need to get them checked as soon as possible in order to prevent further damage to your vehicle.

Manufacturers suggest a regular balance of tires. Many companies, such as Goodyear advise balancing tires every 3,000-6,000 miles.

You must also get your tires rotated whenever you balance them. Walmart offers free tire rotation and mounting services.

Looking to purchase new car tires? Stop by Walmart to find a huge and reasonable choice! If you require specialty tires or all-season tires, Walmart offers a wide selection and expert installation services, that will bring you back to the road once more!

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