General Grabbers A/TX Tires Review 2022

The Best General Grabbers A/TX Tires Review 2022

Today let’s talk about General Grabbers ATX. Prior to its debut on the 18th of March, General faced a tough time convincing offroaders that the upgrade to Grabber A/TX was worthwhile. The features of the tire weren’t impressive. In fact the tire it was replacing – the massively popular AT2 was so well-known and there had been a concern that the A/TX isn’t capable of convincing drivers to give up the AT2 predecessor.

It did not happen. Drivers resorted to purchasing this tire after hearing from their trusted sources about the numerous improvements made by this tire to the appearance of the model it was successful, but one of the most important was one that was made to its tread patterns.

General Grabbers ATX

The conversation was transformed. People who were skeptical became enthusiastic supporters. Off-roaders, despite the fact that they enjoyed the AT2 knew of its disadvantages in the tread pattern. When they learned they could benefit from it the Grabber A/TX won’t only introduce its features, but will also enhance the ones of the AT2 it did not have to work too hard to capture its share of the tire shop.

Do you doubt that any tire can be as excellent? Check out our in-depth evaluation of the General Grabber A/TX.

General Grabber A/TX Features

If it’s just a day in the woods or taking an extended trip Overlanding then the General Grabber ATX is an all-terrain tire that is designed to aid you in mastering the trails by offering off-road performance and toughness. In addition, with its comfortable road-based performance, you’ll ensure that you drive confidently on the road too.

Let’s move on to what’s fun. If you’re going to take to the trails, then you’ll require tires that are strong enough to withstand the toughest of challenges. That’s the reason why Grabber A/TX Grabber A/TX utilizes General’s Duragen technology, which offers the ability to withstand tears, punctures, and cuts.

A/TX Features


  • Three Peak Mountain Snowflake to increase snow traction
  • The good pick for light truck or SUV
  • DuraGen Technology offers off-road durability
  • Five-Row Tread Pattern offers greater off-road grip


  • There are no maintenance indicators

The DuraGen-enhanced Tread Compound of the ATX will more than keep your tires safe from damage in harsh driving conditions. It also ensures your Grabber is the right tires and maintains flexibility across a wide range of temperatures – including cold weather. This allows you to conquer winter with the same confidence as you would the trails you love.

Other features that enhance the performance that is part of Grabber A/TX are:

  • It is designed to provide traction regardless of the conditions or terrain This tire has a Three Peak Mountain Snowflake Rated and surpasses the requirements of the Rubber Manufacturer Association for traction during severe winter conditions and snow.
  • Great off-road traction even in hard and abrasive terrains such as sand and mud is provided through rugged, off-road driving style alternate shoulders scoops.
  • The Five Row tread design gives you a biting edge across all directions for powerful off-road traction.
  • To ensure that you have a reliable on-road manager These tires come with comfort balance technology which is an additional layer of tread on the tire to reduce impacts and bumps, allowing for a journey as relaxing as it can be.
  • For extra traction when winter roads are slippery for winter, the ATX is studded.

Features For Off-Roading

Features for Off-Roading

To ensure that the tire does not lose grip at any time during the hike, General provided the Grabber A/TX with a myriad of off-road capabilities that make it a great choice for anyone whose daily routine includes off-roading and/or Overlanding.

  • Five Row tread pattern Five-row tread pattern on this tire has larger spaces, which are lined by traction cubes. They enable the tire to give extra grip on snow, dirt, as well as other surfaces that are slippery. Additionally, it has multi-angle traction edges which allow the tire to provide off-road grip in any direction.
  • Differential Shoulder Scoops Moving off from tread patterns, and toward the sidewall, you’ll see numerous shoulder scoops. They serve two functions to provide the tire with an extensive area of gripping to ensure its grip on the rocks and shielding sides from the harshness of off-road terrain.
  • fully reinforced body consisting of two-ply polyester casings with multiple ultra-high-strength belts of steel and two robust piles reinforced with polyamide The Fully reinforced structure of the A/TX provides an ideal blend of the two. While on the highway, the body gives the highest speed stability. In contrast to the dry asphalt, you can enjoy off-road strength and ride comfort on the road.

Wet Performance and Snow & Ice

These tires on roads that were wet told the same picture it has off-road grip and traction. To ensure that the tire stays on the road in all conditions the five-row tread pattern utilizes the additional grooves to guarantee the best contact with the road.

Although it did well on wet surfaces, however, this tire was able to reserve its most impressive performance in conditions that are snowy. It’s due to the tiny indentation that runs across the entire width of the tire. We placed studs in the provided space and gained a better grip on snow and ice.

However certain jurisdictions within the United States allow studded tires. The lawmakers are concerned that because they’re sharp and slick, studded tires will accelerate road wear. Check if your local laws permit studded tires prior to following our recommendations and put in studded tires to improve grip when driving in treacherous conditions.

Noise and Comfort

Noise and Comfort

If you’re planning to drive the tires off of the dry asphalt for long periods of time, then the sole sound that could disturb sleeping passengers is the breakage of the twigs that the tires will trample beneath their feet on the way.

The reason we’re saying this is due to the fact that we’ve seen the tire’s Comfort Balance Technology in action. The paper states that it will lower vibrations from off-road travel. In terms of the terrain, technology performs better.

Injecting angled-away groves in the tire, and then adding an absorbent layer of shock over it, this method can kill two birds with one stone. While the first design minimizes vibrations and improves your level of comfort while the latter helps keep noise to the opposite side of your window.

Dry Performance

Dry Performance

If you’ve paid attention to the news, you’ve probably observed that the tire’s primary concentration lies on the offroad aspect of things. All of its difficult-to-pronounce technologies and hard-to-remember features look as if they have forgotten that there are any highways on this planet.

However, the tire offers a great grip for quick cornering and provides incredible stability even at speed. The braking force is extremely robust and provides excellent grip, particularly when it is mounted on a high-powered vehicle.

So, even though it’s true that the A/TX isn’t the top dry-tarmac tire, by any stretch of the imagination, it is still a viable option for motorists who don’t regularly drive on roads.

General Grabber ATX Treadwear and Warranty

Because of its computer-optimized tread pattern Grabber A/TX tires don’t only tackle rough terrain but also resist wear and tear. That means you can expect the longevity of the tread on your brand new all-terrain tires purchased from General Tire.

In the end, General Backs P-metric tire size in Grabber ATX with a Grabber ATX with a 60,000-mile manufacturer’s warranty. (LT-metric sizes are covered by a treadwear warranty of 50,000 miles.)

If you’re the kind of driver who needs protection that’s as long-lasting as your General Grabber A TX tires You might want to consider investing in our unique Certificates.

ATX Treadwear and Warranty

Created to shield your brand new all-terrain tires from any dangers that you might encounter on the road or the trail Our Certificates cover your tires up to 332″. If your tires have been in need of repair beyond the point that they can be, we’ll offer you a brand-new replacement tire.

The key to perfect balance and that’s why you’ll find the General Grabber A/TX lives; an ideal blend of all-terrain traction, the comfort of a road trip, and all for a low cost.

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General Grabbers A/TX Conclusion

One thing we like about the General Grabber A/TX was that it doesn’t attempt to be everything. Although it’s true that it offers some impressive road performance. However, the primary goal of this particular tire is its ability to draw those who are looking for outstanding off-road stability, endurance, and grip. If this description fits your needs there is any reason that this tire should not be able to carry the weight of your vehicle.

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