Are Kumho Tires Good? 5 The Best Kumho Tires

Are Kumho Tires Good? + 5 The Best Options Reviews

Are Kumho tires good? A lot of people are skeptical regarding the quality and effectiveness that comes from Kumho tires. They say it’s an item that originated in China. But what’s the truth? Kumho is a well-known Korean tire manufacturer that was established in the 1960s.

To date, Kumho has been present in more than 180 countries and has the equivalent of around 70 million additional tires each year. This number is an ideal indicator of product high-quality.

Are you aware of what is it that makes Kumho tires so well-liked by the majority of customers?

In the end, Kumho tires have a distinctive design, with premium materials and a variety of advanced features that allow them to help you on your journey. Furthermore, the tire will also provide safety when traveling in difficult terrain.

To determine if a product is of high quality You must consider the design, durability, or performance. A high-quality tire is when they meet all of the criteria above.

I will provide an honest and impartial Kumho tires review in order to assist you to comprehend the product. Everything I write about is based on my own personal experiences. Therefore, you can trust the tire reviews that are included in this article.

About Kumho

About Kumho

The 16th largest tire maker worldwide as per an annual Tire Business report. Kumho has become a well-known name in the field. The company is known for its performance tires but has an extensive range of tires for SUVs, trucks, light trucks, crossovers, and even sports cars. It also offers coupes.

Kumho’s U.S. headquarters is in Atlanta, Georgia, but Kumho’s headquarters worldwide are at Gwangju, South Korea. It was established in 1960, which makes it a newer company in the business when compared to brands with big names such as Goodyear as well as Michelin.

Kumho has numerous Original Equipment (OE) agreements with major automotive manufacturers like BMW, Dodge, and Volkswagen. Kumho also offers an impressive selection of replacement tires, however, it has fewer all-terrain and mud-terrain tires than its competitors.

Kumho’s Solus and Ecsta lines are among the most sought-after products. Both lines are targeted toward performance-oriented customers and come with low noise, low-cost pricing, superb handling, and enhanced traction. Solus models are especially well-equipped for wet conditions. Solus models are particularly well-equipped to handle wet roads.

Overview of Kumho Tires

Overview of Kumho Tires

Kumho Tire (which was known under Samyang Tire until 1996) was established in South Korea in 1960 by Park In-chon. The company was initially small, producing around 20 times per day, but the company steadily grew from there. The company started networking across its home country of the US in 1963 and really exploded onto the North American market a decade after and now this is one of the famous manufacturers in the tire industry.

Kumho’s headquarters in the world is situated in South Korea, and it has manufacturing plants in its own country and in China, Vietnam, and the US. Kumho set up its US headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia after several prior moves. It also strengthened its connection to the new location by becoming the official sponsor of Atlanta’s NBA franchise.

Let’s begin to take this Kumho tires review into the speed lane by presenting an overview of the company’s prominent pros and cons.


  • Large selection of all-season tires, seasonal and off-road tires that are suitable for all automobiles
  • The price ranges for smaller sizes of most tires are less expensive than comparable brands
  • Available worldwide
  • Great warranties


  • Warranties may not be consistent among different types of tires
  • There is no way to tell if tires are designed to handle greater speeds


This is a result of Kumho’s business plan. Kumho doesn’t claim to be anything it isn’t. As we said, Kumho utilizes a strategy that takes established designs that have been proven to have the best handling, comfort, and safety. They then modify the designs with cutting-edge, cost-saving manufacturing, and tire construction methods.

The result is high-quality tires that have similar characteristics to higher-priced alternatives such as Michelin tires, Bridgestone, and Continental in terms of quality and durability, but with a price that isn’t as expensive.

However durable and top-quality your tires are, they’re not as durable and high-quality. They will need maintenance service, so take a look at our posts on How To align car Tires or how To Balance Tires by yourself.


The cost of Kumho tires plays a significant factor in their worth. The company has been able to deliver performance typically associated with higher-priced producers, but still being affordable due to their cost.

In reality, Kumho consistently ranks in the top five in regards to pricing for their tires. They have the same features as expensive brands, it’s clear why they’re among the most value-for-money tires available.


Kumhos’ assortment of tires is varied and numerous markets can be covered when it comes to this brand. Kumho makes ultra-high performance tires that compete in races around the globe, and also makes sure the requirements of everyday drivers are taken care of with expertly designed tires designed to cover the various weather, conditions, and seasons.

Fuel Efficiency

Like many manufacturers, Kumho has been focusing more on making tires with fewer carbon emissions. They have a tread that is specially designed in their tires that reduce energy consumption and reduce resistance to rolling.

If you are more careful in your method of choosing the most efficient fuel-efficient rubber, Kumho offers an assortment that is focused on reducing fuel consumption and being as efficient as possible.


Kumho’s brand is decent with regard to its quality and durability. Kumho has a rating of the majority of its tires’ tread wear as 8-10 and the warranties vary from 40,000 to 80,000 miles, based on the tire model.

The life expectancy that these tires have is enhanced by design features like their innovative XRP technology. This improves the tire’s resistance to punctures and gives the driver to rest assured even on roads that aren’t ideal.


Kumho loaded the tire with different techniques to improve its handling. Traction, steering responsiveness, and stability are continuously being upgraded to improve the overall performance of the brand.

The latest Silica gel is applied in the contact patch of the tire which improves traction regardless of the surface being damp or dry. The center rib of the tire offers stability across the entire range of speeds, and the stiff shoulder blocks provide this stability throughout corners.

Top 5 Kumho Tires Review

Before we get started before we begin, let us be evident that Kumho tires aren’t the least expensive tires that are available. However, their costs are lower than those of many top-of-the-line tire brands.

If you’re searching for a reliable alternative for your car without the cost of a bank loan the brand may be a good option.

Kumho Road Venture AT51

Kumho Road Venture AT51

If you are off-roading or driving in traffic If you are driving or off-roading, it’s the Kumho Road Venture AT51 gives you incredible handling grip as well as traction.

This product from the South Korean tire manufacturer is made to improve the performance of any vehicle or SUV you are driving.

Its symmetrical tire design incorporates diverse elements like step circumferential grooves as well as tread blocks with tapered edges that help reduce uneven tread wear.

Road Venture AT51 Road Venture AT51 features Kumho’s ESCOT casing technology which increases the responsiveness of the steering and also extends tread life.

This all-terrain tire is constructed with a sturdy structure that allows it to give an excellent performance while providing the ultimate comfort to ensure a smooth and quiet ride. The high-tensile steel belt structure guarantees the tire’s durability and durability throughout the tire’s lifespan.

Furthermore, its distinctive sidewall design makes it stand out from other tires for a truck or SUV in terms of design.

These Kumho AT51 tires are the ideal fit for your GMC, Ford, Ram, Nissan, Jeep, and many more. A 5-year treadwear warranty is included with the tires to ensure the highest quality and longevity.


  • Good off-road traction that assures stability
  • In rainy or snowy conditions it can perform very well
  • Tires with grooves that are deep clean themselves
  • The treads wear evenly, which makes sure that you are safe to drive
  • Overall, a great value for the money


  • The tires might have been more effective in wet conditions

Kumho Ecsta PS31 Review

Kumho Ecsta PS31 Review

The second one on our Kumho tires review list is the Ecsta PA51, which is a popular choice among ultra-high-performance summer tires.

The directional tread design of the tire is more gentle, ensuring an ideal blend of dry and wet performance.

From the point of view of a regular driver, It’s a top performer when it comes to ease of use and road manner.

It may get a little bumpy on certain hits. However, other than that, it handles very well. They are also silent when it comes to noise.

However, it falls short of the mark as an ultra-high-performance tire. If you change the direction you’ll feel some slight tingle of rubber and there’ll be a little delay between the moment you turn the wheel until the tire actually reacts.

However, when you consider its price, it’s an excellent choice for summer tires.


  • Stylish Center Block and Shoulder
  • The main grooves have a wide width, and this improves performance in dry as well as wet conditions
  • Performance of wear is improved
  • Due to these 3D dimples in dimples, heat build-up is reduced
  • Comfortable
  • Great value for the money


  • A good grip and responsive handling, but the corners can be a bit soft
  • You might not experience the same experience as high-end ultra-performance summer tires

Kumho Ecsta PA51 Tire Review

Kumho Ecsta PA51 Tire Review

The Kumho Ecsta high-performance all-season tires are specifically designed for those who appreciate agile handling and excellent performance on both wet and dry roads.

It also delivers the best grip and performance throughout any season and has an acceptable light snow grip.

These tires are able to perform even in wet conditions. We also re-evaluated its good stability when driving at higher speeds, especially in sharp turns.

In the case of rainy conditions, the PA51 is superior to its competitors.

With a smooth braking system, solid mid-corner grip, and a steady balance, it’s easy for drivers to be at ease with their tires on slippery roads.

To improve the dry grip and handling For improved dry grip and handling, to improve handling and dry grip, Ecsta PA51 uses high grip resins and a stiff compound. This is why the tire is able to perform well on the track. And there are the reasons to buy Kumho tires.


  • The life of the tread is increased
  • The comfortable ride even at high speeds
  • The road’s noise levels have been reduced
  • In any weather condition, it is at an extremely stable level
  • Quiet performance


  • In conditions of mud, it is unable to perform very well

Kumho Solus TA11 Tire Review

Kumho Solus TA11 Tire Review

The Kumho Solus TA11 is one of the most affordable tires that we have reviewed. The tires are engineered to give you a pleasant balance and a smooth ride with long tread life.

Our road-testing of our road test of Solus TA11 tires revealed its acceptable performance on the road in all conditions.

It also provides excellent riding comfort and low sound from the tread. Its smooth steering and responsiveness have captivated all-day drivers with a great deal of enthusiasm.

In terms of dry performance, this is yet another area in which TA11 scores very well. It’s not at the same level as the best in the field, but it’s secure to use.

One of the greatest aspects that this tire has is the quietness it provides on the highway, and the comfort it provides when driving on rough roads.

The one-year, 80,000-mile treadwear warranty is quite adequate for the price.


  • Dry grip and handling are fantastic
  • A smooth and peaceful ride
  • Better tread life
  • Excellent wheel response during turning


  • In the case of heavy snowfall, the performance is average
  • The performance that was wet could have been much better

Kumho Crugen HT51 Tire Review

Kumho Crugen HT51 Tire Review

The all-season Kumho tire models were designed with an eye on the long life of tread while offering an easy ride and adequate all-season traction.

The Kumho Crugen HT51 was engineered to deliver durable performance on the road coupled with a comfortable effortless ride as well as the traction that can be used in all weather conditions.

It also has some light snow traction, which makes the symbol for three peak mountain snowflakes.

When driving The Crugen HT51 did an outstanding job of shielding the vehicle from the road’s loud bumps and imperfections. It also earned the top scores in subjective noise.

Our team also observed that Kumho is among the most comfortable riding tires among our test group. In addition, following the initial impact, the tire could be slower to recover than we expected.

The Crugen’s steering reaction was an experience that is unique, with a stiff reaction initially. It did not seem to change in response to the steering effort.

Additionally, our team’s wet tests showed Kumho’s performance as suitable for most tasks.

The vehicle equipped with the Crugen HT51 tire required more attention than other tires while turning corners and entering them.

While the Kumho appeared to be more athletic in the race than other competitors but it was the Crugen HT51 proved that it is fully capable of emergency braking on the street.


  • In rainy and dry circumstances, it offers a great grip and stops any slippage
  • Its grooves, both small and large, assist in draining fluid away from the tire
  • The road is a quiet and smooth highway
  • True winter performance for these all-season tire models
  • Fantastic value for the money


  • The life of a walker could be a problem for some
  • Not the most suitable alternative for deep snow or hard-packed ice

So, Are Kumho Tires Good?

Tires are an important element of your car and it is crucial to select the best type to suit your vehicle.

The tires should be sturdy, safe, and durable, using the correct rubber compounds that will ensure the safety of you and your passengers while driving.

A reliable tire supplier will always have a wide assortment of tires that meet your requirements, to ensure you purchase the correct product at the most affordable cost. Additionally, Kumho Tires always come through in their commitment to quality.

Let’s take a look at their top-selling tires and discover whether the brand is worth the money. Also, you can look for other tire brands’ reviews on our website.

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How many years do Kumho tires last?

At Kumho Tyres We believe in taking you to go the extra mile. That’s why our mileage warranty was specifically designed to provide you with up to 80,000 km without worrying about driving. With our “no worries” warranty, if the 4WD or SUV tires do not last for the time they are supposed to and you’re not liable for miles that you didn’t drive.

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