Actual Mastercraft CXT Review 2022

The Best Mastercraft CXT Review 2022

Check our Mastercraft CXT review. The Mastercraft Courser CXT tire is the brand’s most recent tire in their line-up, and will soon begin to enjoy acceptance. The tire was designed to be a commercial traction tire the CXT is designed to be used on all types of light trucks commercial vans and SUVs seeking stable traction, whether off or on the road, and also an increase in tread wear.

Mastercraft is part of Cooper Tire and uses a silica-enhanced tread compound that is tougher and more durable, as the unique Duo-Tech2 two-ply carcass design for increased strength and durability. The tread pattern is characterized by bigger tread blocks as well as side traction blocks that protect against chipping, cuts, and bruises.

Its Courser CXT sports an aggressive style that looks great on any vehicle thanks to the wider shoulder scallops. The scallops are added to provide grip on dirt roads and also provide extra traction on muddy terrain and are a benefit to this particular tire.

Full-depth sipes, another benefit for the CXT offer better grip on wet roads as well as enhance efficiency off-road. The sipes are also able to help in grip on snow that is hardpacked and slush.

The Mastercraft CXT tire comes in a variety of LT as well as flotation size that varies between 15 and 20 inches. The sizes all are M+S certified as well as backed by a no-cost tread Mastercraft Courser CXT warranty.

What are the capabilities offered by the Mastercraft Courser?

Overall Performance

Overall Performance

I think this model is worthy of being included with other top brands of high quality. The company deserves its position for offering quality products at an affordable cost. The performance of both the off-road and on-road is excellent and provides an enjoyable and comfortable journey all the way. It doesn’t matter if you’re driving on an unforgiving and rugged road, or are on an open road they both offer an enjoyable riding experience. It is extremely stable on dirt roads that are muddy that are filled with gravel, stones, and sand. The overall performance is excellent and astonishing.

While there are some issues in its traction in winter conditions but generally speaking there aren’t any problems with its overall performance of it. It is an excellent option for those who work on construction sites in rural areas.

When you examine the characteristics of the Courser CXT, you’ll notice certain aspects which make it more of an all-terrain tire, and some which make it look more similar to a mud-terrain tire.

For winter-time traction and safety conditions to ensure traction in winter conditions, the Courser CXT has a rubber compound that is enriched with silica to prevent the tire from becoming too tough during winter. The tire has an M+S rating. This implies that you can expect to have the traction that is usable out of it. Additionally, it’s a stable tire which means you will be able to increase the grip on frozen surfaces.

Mastercraft has chosen a larger rubber structure that aids this tire in two different ways. The main reason for this is to increase the traction when driving off-road and, as a further benefit this tire CXT is designed to be comfortable on smooth roads.

In off-road situations shoulders play an important part in ensuring the tire its ability. Along the sides, the Courser CXT comes with additional blocks that can assist the tire to improve its ability to withstand dirt. The tire’s performance will be enhanced by the scallops that surround the shoulders that are designed to enhance the traction of the tire.


  • Dependable on off-road or road reliable traction
  • A wet grip is more durable than the average
  • Tread life has proven to be extremely good


  • Increase the speed and acceleration of ice braking

Larger Shoulder Scallops

The scallops do not just enhance the overall look of your vehicle that can Mastercraft Courser CXT fit, but most importantly, they provide effectiveness. With the larger scallops, traction capacity is built into the all-terrain tires in order to perform well on difficult terrains that are muddy. This feature is extremely reliable for outdoor adventures and outings.

Tread Pattern and Design

Tread Pattern and Design

One of the primary characteristics that can significantly impact the performance of every tire is the tread pattern. Based on the tread patterns and designs, it is its capability of it to deliver top-quality performance for the rider. The tread design provides an even balance to the wide grooves and is helpful when riding off-road. Because of the structure and shape that the tread blocks have, it helps support the tire and gives it greater stability when driving. Its strength is not just evident when you go on off-road excursions, but even when you’re driving on the open roads.

Raised Rubber Feature

The raised rubber design on the sidewall that is improvised will also increase the off-road traction. Because of an elevated rubber surface, this tire prevents the sidewall from scraping, rust, and other accidents on the road. When I look at the distinctive features of this tire I believe that this is a unique tire that has more durability than others.

Full-Depth Sipes

Its full-depth sipes are an additional feature that this product offers. I am awed by how they get rid of water particles thanks to their wide, open grooves and large tread blocks. This feature also provides great traction on wet roads, which will give you a better driving experience in all weather conditions, including rainy seasons.

Excellent Grip and Long-life Tread

The tire has a greater area of surface, which can be a huge benefit to help balance the vehicle’s weight, which makes it durable. The equally distributed distribution of the weight of the vehicle is an indication of the durability and life of the tread. The large road contact surface ensures a well-balanced distribution, which helps prevent your tires from becoming a bit patchy. Additionally, it helps to provide the grip required for easier maneuvering and controlling.

Overall Thoughts

Mastercraft’s latest Courser CXT tire continues in a line of top-quality tires with less cost than other brands of most all-terrain tires. The performance both off and on-road is extremely good. They can handle dirt as well as gravel, sand, and mud, as well in the same way as Goodyear DuraTrac according to our experience.

We’d love to see this vehicle sporting the mountain/snowflake logo for serious winter conditions, but the traction in moderate to light snow isn’t terrible at all. On the ice, could cause braking and acceleration problems.

Overall, the CXT is an excellent option for drivers working on construction sites as delivery drivers, or who reside in rural areas and require an affordable tire for daily use.

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Mastercraft courser CXT Review Final Verdict

Mastercraft courser CXT Review Final Verdict

Finding the best tire to meet your requirements and the standard you want to achieve is not an easy task. Through our review of this tire, we hope we’ve helped you find an assessment of the appropriate tire for you. With this analysis, we found that the model was made to give you an extremely smooth ride and off-road durability. The above features indicate that this tire is of a premium grade with full-depth siping that enhances the traction in wet conditions. Additionally, the huge block and surface design will allow you to extend the life of your tire and enhances durability and stability.

With all these advantages and attributes, we are more confident in its ability to assist us. Even though it comes with a fair number of pitfalls, which are detailed in the previous paragraphs, it doesn’t make it seem less. The advantages it provides outweigh the potential issues it could face.

Mastercraft CXT Review FAQs

Where are Mastercraft CXT tires made?

It is the United States: There are Mastercraft tires produced in four different locations in the US that are situated within Tupelo, Findlay, Tupelo as well as Texarkana.

Are Mastercraft tires as good as Cooper?

Mastercraft tires can boast the same quality and performance similar to those Cooper Tires possess. This review on Mastercraft Tire reviews published on our site speaks in detail about the high-end quality of their tires, which are manufactured by the company.

Is Mastercraft any good?

Based on the rating of speed, Mastercraft tires are covered by an unbeatable 40,000 – to 80,000-mile warranty. The other tires on the market will provide a warranty of 45,000 miles (others don’t have this kind of warranty) that’s quite acceptable considering the cost.

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