6 The Best Delinte Tires Reviews 2022

6 The Best Delinte Tires Reviews 2022

Check our Delinte tires reviews. Delinte Tires is a mid-tier Chinese tire company and is one of Qingdao Sentry Tire Co. with its headquarters in Qingdao, China. Sentry was launched in 2008 amid one of the worst financial crises of all time and began making rubber tires for the local market and international market in 2009. with three different lines of tires that range from mid-tier to luxury to premium, beginning at Landsail, Delinte, and Century tires.

Delinte Tires has two factories one located in China and one located in Thailand. Its Qingdao, Shandong, China plant is their primary tire factory that produces fifteen million light UHP and truck tires. They also manufacture radial trucks and earth-moving tires. In the words of Modern Tire Dealer, Sentry states that 40 percent of their product is shipped towards in the United States, clear evidence that they’re committed to achieving success within North America and are not just a fly-by-night operation.

The Bangkok, Thailand plant can produce 12 million cars as well as light truck tires per year. The Thailand plant is, as of the year, 2017 also produces tires for the United States.

The sentry had plans to construct similar-sized tire plants in Georgia similar to the Thailand plant, however, the uncertain trade relations between the two countries stopped any construction that was planned on US grounds since the Chinese government is not willing to grant Sentry an IPO which is crucial for Sentry’s financing.

Delinte Tires (Brand Overview)

Delinte Tires Reviews Lineup

Delinte Tires’ portfolio includes crossovers, light trucks performance, touring, and SUVs.

  • Crossover – DH2, DH7
  • Light Truck – Bandit M/T DX9, Bandit A/T DX10, Bandit H/T DX11, Bandit R/T DX12
  • Performance – D7,
  • SUV – DH2, Bandit M/T DX9, DS8, Bandit A/T DX10
  • Touring – DH2, DH7

Delinte Thunder D7

Delinte Thunder D7

It’s Delinte’s most loved tire. It’s a top-quality all-season tire that is suitable for a broad variety of sedans, coupes as well as sports cars, and smaller SUVs. The tire may be costed at a reasonable price that isn’t too expensive however, it’s a great choice for providing reliable grip, traction, and handling grip. In addition to the comfort, it’s a superb, quiet, and comfortable tire.

Sporting a blaze-shaped tread pattern and manufactured using an advanced silica content in the tread compound, the Thunder D7 is designed to offer dependable traction, quicker steering response, and enhanced cornering stability.

The tire’s unique groove shaping and directional tread pattern, as well as the different spacing between pitch blocks aid in reducing road noise. Although it isn’t the quietest UHP tire however noise isn’t an issue for this tire.

Delinte DH2

Delinte DH2

The Delinte DH2 is an energy-efficient all-season tire that utilizes a unique tread compound to guarantee the lowest rolling resistance. This results in efficient use of fuel. It features an attractive design that provides excellent grip on both dry and wet terrain. It’s offered in a wide selection of sizes, meaning you’re sure to find the right set that’s suitable for your car.

Delinte DS8

Delinte DS8

The Delinte DS8 is one of the top budget-friendly tires for wet traction. If you reside in an area that is always raining, the Delinte DS8 is the ideal choice to navigate the heavy rain with grace. It has four wide circumferential grooves that help to drain snow and water so that it doesn’t get in danger of hydroplaning. The tire also features large shoulder blocks which ensure an excellent steering response and great cornering, even at higher speeds.

Delinte DX-11

Delinte DX-11

Looking for complete good tires for heavy-duty use? It is worth giving the DX-11 the chance. It has an excellent grip on wet and dry terrain. Additionally, it boasts an above-average winter tire performance. It’s also one of the most peaceful and quiet tires made by Delinte.

Delinte D7

Delinte D7

The D7 is an all-season tire that has great performance both on both wet and dry surfaces. It also provides a peaceful and comfortable ride that the majority of drivers enjoy. Its performance on snow and slush can be average considering the tire is not specifically designed for winter use however it’s a durable tire that will last for many years to come.

Delinte Desert Storm D8

Delinte Desert Storm D8

In terms of drying traction, there’s nothing better than it with the Desert Storm D8. It’s also pretty good when wet, but on dry surfaces is the place it shines most. It’s extremely comfortable and boasts an impressive tread life, however, it’s quite loud as it wears down.

Delinte Tires Overall Assessment

In the last couple of years, Delinte’s entire image has been rebranded to appeal to the younger generation and that’s why their catalog is filled featuring high-performance and off-road tires.

Delinte tires use the latest technological advances in tires, delivering quality performance at an affordable cost. The most well-loved tire of Delinte is its Thunder D7, which is an excellent example of the company’s ability to find the perfect balance between performance and affordability. To get the overall score of this tire, check out the Delinte Thunder D7 review.


Simply put, Delinte is one of the most powerful manufacturers of tires in terms of delivering top quality at extremely affordable costs. A high-performance tire such as the D7 can be compared to some of the most expensive UHP tires available but still being affordable at the price of just $65.


Some of the best Delinte tires do not exceed the $100 mark. Be aware however that the costs of the tires fluctuate based on the dimensions and specifications you choose. It is also possible for them to differ between dealers.


The tires offered by Delinte cover everything from touring and performance tires to trucks, SUVs, and crossovers. Their most sought-after crossover tires include the DH2 and the DH7. They are both great for SUVs. DH2 tire also is a great choice for vehicles with SUVs, along with other tires like the DS8, Bandit M/T DX9 along with the Bandit A/T DX10. Its D7 is the answer of the brand to performance-oriented needs, and it is the most well-known tire of the brand.

Fuel Efficiency

There’s nothing remarkable regarding Delinte tires when it comes to the efficiency of their fuel. They won’t force you to go to the station daily however they won’t aid in saving a significant amount of money as well.


The Delinte tire is as tough as they get. They’re constructed with top-quality materials that guarantee the longest life. Their tread-life warranties aren’t ideal however, most customers have reported satisfaction with their Delinte tires have stood the test of time for a long time.


The majority of Delinte tires come with distinctive tread patterns that are infused with silica to improve the traction and steering, cornering as well as overall performance. Of course, the handling will differ from one tire to the next however, they’re all fairly solid overall.

Do you think Delinte Tires is any good?

6 The Best Delinte Tires Reviews 2022

After conducting thorough research on Delinte’s history, reading a lot of reviews as well as learning more about the company’s dedication to market share in the U.S. market, I rate Delinte 7 out of 10 stars overall.

The Delinte tire is a great tire.

Delinte is awarded an A+ rating due to the number of tires that you get for the money. For instance, the DS8 size 235/35/19. This is the one that you require for your Dodge Challenger SXT.

But the reviews speak for themselves.

The reviewer Don Vise had this size DS8 on his truck. He writes:

“Haven’t had them long enough to write an exhaustive review, however so far, they’re quieter and very easy to handle in comparison to the six-year-old Michelin’s which they replaced. Michelin’s only had 15,000 miles but were weather tested and required replacement. The truck is used only frequently.”

Nabil Alanbar offers one of the most truthful reviews.

“So far so good. A bit more roll with these tires than those Conti DWS08 that they replaced, but when you consider the cost difference, it’s hard to find a reason to complain. They’re not as efficient on wet surfaces. Although, I’m not saying they’re bad they’re great for most the weather conditions. However, when it gets really hot the performance doesn’t match up. I’ve not had the chance to test the snow resistance of these boots. Of course, I’m in Vermont which means I’ll be able to test them by the middle of October. ”

“Anyway given the cost it’s not a good idea for me to be complaining and I’m not going to. These tires are excellent and at a fair cost. I’m not complaining. But don’t expect them to perform like the premium tires because they aren’t.”

Delinte Tire reviews Conclusion

Chinese tires receive the wrong treatment simply because of their country of origin. However, Delinte is one of the tire brands that can make a convincing case against the flimsy notion.

Don’t be expecting to drive Delinte Tires up the Rubicon or record speed records at Laguna Seca because these premium budget tires (yeah that’s an oxymoron you’re right, you know what I’m saying) aren’t built for that.

If you’re an off-roader on a weekend or own an RWD-biased performance vehicle, you should look into Delinte Tires a serious look, especially in the case of a budget tire, don’t do canyon carving daily, and simply need an excellent tire.

If you own an SUV, truck, Crossover, or mini-van that requires a tire, consider giving Delinte a shot, too.


Is Delinte a good brand?

Rating: 7 out of 10. After conducting thorough research on Delinte’s history, reading hundreds of reviews, and learning about its dedication to its customers in the U.S. market, I give Delinte 7 out of 10 stars overall. The Delinte tire is an excellent tire. Delinte receives this high score because of the size of tire you can get for the cost.

Who are Delinte tires made by?

The Delinte tire line was introduced at the end of 2009 in 2009 by Sentury Tire, which is a subsidiary of Sentaida Group Co. Ltd. Sentury Tire is one of the top 75 tire manufacturers worldwide. Delinte is a brand for consumers which specializes in all-season tires.

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